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In Buddhist philosophy Virya means energy, persistence, persevering, vigour, effort, or diligence. It is identified as a necessary prerequisite for achieving liberation.

It is the mind intent on being ever active, devoted, unshaken, not turning back and being tireless.

Who we are

Virya is a learning and therapy center for children and individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the age group of 2 to 13 years.

Established in 2011, Virya provides customized therapy and academic integration programs for children with ASD. We work in the areas of practical life skills, academic learning, and help in guiding and creating awareness of an ecosystem supporting individuals living with autism.

The center focuses on individual evaluation of each child to carve a specific educational and behavioral program suiting their needs.

Our Vision

To empower people living with autism lead a happy, independent, and dignified life and enabling an inclusive ecosystem for them.

Our Mission
Our Mission

Help people living with autism discover unlimited possibilities and have equal opportunities through wholistic developmental programs.

Our Values






Celebrate diversity

Celebrate Diversity

Our Programs

Our programs include elements of play, engagement, and language and target important developmental skills. They educate the kids with practical and achievable techniques that they can engage in everyday life. Our learning programs are broadly based on the Montessori method that helps children learn and live independently. We have an empathetic and competent team of staff and administrators and maintain a 1:1 student to teacher ratio to ensure every child’s unique mental, emotional, and physical needs are met.

Program outlines and progress are discussed with parents and caregivers to enable them to have meaningful interactions with the children.

Our programs are based on the following techniques

  • ABA Principle (Applied Behavior Analysis)
  • Floortime
  • Speech (Talk Tools)
  • Sensory Integration / Occupational Therapy
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The Founder and Team

Founder and Lead Therapist

Virya Dewdrops was founded by Ms. Shalu Garg. A trained therapist who comes with a vast experience of working with special children, she has made it her purpose to impart knowledge to help them explore unlimited possibilities. Working in the field of Behavioral Analysis, she specializes in Speech Acquisition, Self Help Training, Social Skills, Fine Motor Skills Development, Behavior Management and Reasoning Skills.

Her professional qualifications are Diploma in Special Education, Autism Spectrum Disorder Floortime Certification Certification in Oral Placement Theory (Talk Tools) Advanced level certification by Dr. Carbone The team at Virya Dewdrops consists of a core team of Head of Academics Head of Analytics and regulation Head of Community and parent support, CSR and communication. And a compassionate and conscious team of teachers, educators and administrators.

Find an expert

We believe happy parents make happy children. Our community support program gives access to parents to a panel of experts who work with them individually to help them deal with medical, emotional, psychological and academic needs of the child and enable them to cope with difficult situations.

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Volunteer program

We believe working with your hands is therapeutic and welcome volunteers from diverse fields to work with our children on non-academic or extracurricular activities that help develop their talents and learn engagement through different mediums like art and craft, music and dance, computer literacy and introduction to technology, activities of daily life like cooking, baking, gardening etc.

We encourage volunteers to work with us and make a difference in the life of a child.

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The limited resources and aid available for people with ASD makes it difficult to create awareness and acceptance in a neurotypical world.

Keeping in line with our mission to enable an ecosystem that empowers people living with autism we are working towards creating awareness and encouraging communities to provide an inclusive environment for them. We look forward to meaningful collaborations with like minded people and organisations to help us in our endeavor.