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About Us

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About Virya Autism

The aim of the founders is to create a holistic ecosystem for the individuals with Autism We achieve this by providing dedicated, clear, and timely interventions while while integrating the emotional well-being and developmental needs of those in our care.

Our Vision

Virya Autism aims to enhance the lives of individuals with autism by helping them lead a happy, productive, and dignified life.

Our Mission

Virya, in Buddhist philosophy, is associated with energy and perseverance. I’m able to provide syndicate online casino. Virya Autism strives with each child to help unlock their best selves. We adhere to the persistent and consistent application of our therapies while acknowledging and respecting the individual’s day-to-day needs and frame of mind.
Established in 2011, Virya Autism brings together counseling, resources, and communities to get the right help, the relevant information, and the appropriate support for individuals and families alike.
We collaborate with doctors, therapists, curriculum experts, and other aligned professions in providing a safe, secure, and welcoming pre-school and adult learning environment.

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